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Facial Treatments

All Wellhouse facials are customized to meet your specific skin care needs.  ​

Using the Diego Della Palma Professional line,  your skin will be treated to a thorough cleansing, steaming, and extraction followed by a soothing face, neck and shoulder massage.

Wellhouse Signature Facial (60min) $62

Mini Facial - no massage (45min) $52

Mandelic Acid Exfoliating Facial $67

Specialty Facials starting at $90        (90min)

Icon Time

90min - $90

Intensive anti-age treatment formulated to fight wrinkles and loss of skin tone. Perfect for skin that needs to be refreshed, renewed and awakened.

Enriched with the precious energizing properties of silver, gold and platinum that are beneficial to:

- Enhance microcirculation

- Reactiviate metabolism

- Make skin brighter and minimize visibility of wrinkles

- Counteract free radical action

- Balance anti-bacterial and inflammatory action.

Slow down the first signs of aging and protect the skin's structure with this deeply regenerating facial.

Fill Lift 

90min - $90

An anti-age treatment inspired by aesthetic medicine to remodel the face oval and face volume 

as well as address deep wrinkles and fine lines. Enhanced with Collalift18 which is a skin protector of


Repositions - Collalift18

Combats sagging skin, and promotes the repositioning of volumes.

Fills - Dermaplex Peptides

Stimulates the prod​uction of new collagen and reduces the appearance and depth of wrinkles.

Smoothes - Amplified BTX hexapeptide - 1

Smooths out expression lines and leaves skin smoother. Inspired by injections of botulinum toxin.

Pro Age & Skin Refine

Peel Series


A specific treatment ​designed to combat wrinkles and visible signs of aging. 

Duration: 30-45min

Frequency: 1x per week

Cost: 6 sessions $300 + HST ($50 each)


Targeted treatment designed to address skin discolouration, the after effects of juvenile acne, acne scars and uneven skin texture.

Duration: 30-45min

Frequency: 1x per week

Cost: 6 sessions $300 + HST ($50 each)

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